B E K E R B O T S . C O M


Blasts from the past.  Long-awaited updates of the classic, Basic Computer Games - in two  flavors!
They all make a great gift for your favorite geek. A wonderful way to introduce a whole new generation
to the revolutionary idea that there was a time when you could talk to computers and actually make them do stuff

    IF what you're really dying for is getting another look at all those funny 'BOTs that Beker
     drew back in the 1970s, consider THE 'BOT FOLIO.  The cost is really modest - and
    Beker will donate all proceeds to a national non-profit that focuses on children's literacy.

  This 60+ page e-book has all the original 'BOTs from the 1970s book plus some
  new 'BOTs (the first in four decades).  It's clear evidence that Beker remains firmly stuck
 in a long-gone, alternate world with  absolutely no connection to modern technology.  Includes Beker's wry comments on 'BOTs and technology in general.  Available for only $9.95 - Cheap!

The full ILLUSTRATED version - A complete update of the classic 1970s Basic Computer Games book.  All the old games are here, now completely re-coded into Small Basic.  And, wonder of wonders, so are all of Beker's great 'BOTs you grew to love - plus a few new ones to boot. 

     The ILLUSTRATED e-book is available for just $22.50

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For more about either of these e-books, please visit our publisher, Computer Science For Kids.
Computer Science for Kids updated  Basic Computer Games and re-coded all the original games into Small basic.
They offers a variety of computer and programing-related products including various packages for classroom use.

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